Sleeping in a police cell is something no one wants to even imagine in Nigeria.

With all the torture, punishment, dirty environment and mosquitos that will follow, ,it is usually a sad experience.

But in Ekiti State, this sadness has been taken away, with a little largess that has been added.  

The State is preparing for its governorship election that will happen on July 14, but the election is coming with its own drama. 

The police has deployed at least 30,000 police officials, in what has been described as election war.

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Increased presence of police and other security agency officials have cause uneasiness in some areas of the state and the governor, Ayodele Fayose, is expressing concern over some alleged arrests. 

In his reaction to the arrests, he offered to pay 50,000 Naira per night to anyone that sleeps in police cell or detained in the state.

"Henceforth, anyone that is arrested illegally by Fayemi and his rampaging Policemen and DSS on this election issue will get N50k for each night spent in detention," Fayose wrote on his Twitter page.

Whether this offer will make some jobless youths in the state want to get arrested and sleep in detentions so as to earn the money is one aspect of the offer that could pop up soon. 

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