As far as many are concerned, their lives aren’t complete until they walk down the aisle and start a family immediately after that. 

While it’s absolutely fine to aspire to that ‘happily ever after’ ending, it’s not sensible to rush yourself into marriage or go into it for the wrong reasons.

It's important to get married for the right reasons

So, let’s discuss 3 (out of the many) reasons that should not prompt you to get married.
1. Pregnancy: This may seem noble to you, or you may even talk yourself into believing you are doing what is right for your unborn child. But you need a lot more than a child to keep you two together. A happy marriage is made up of two people who love and respect each other, and are committed to spending the rest of their lives together, come what may. However, using a child as an excuse to get married is unfair to the child and neither you nor your partner will truly enjoy the marriage because it was done out of obligation, and not because both of you actually need each other. This kind of union can’t last, and if it does, you’ll both be miserable most of the time because you’re in a relationship born out of necessity, not love or compatibility.

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2. Family/peer pressure: It’s a common thing for many Nigerian parents to pester their grown children to find someone and settle down so that they can give them grandchildren. It doesn’t even help when all of your friends and former classmates are all married and you’re the only single one among them. So when one guy finally comes your way, you literally drag him down the aisle because you can’t stand the irritating questions from your nosy relatives and rude neighbours about when you’ll ‘finally’ get married. Please, take your time and enjoy your singlehood. If you rope yourself into a bad marriage, the same people who pressured you into it are the ones that will criticize you for making a poor choice. Put your happiness first above anything else.

3. Escape: If you’re unhappy with your life and you feel getting married will make you happy and turn everything right, you are sorely mistaken. Marriage is for two complete people who come together to make one whole union of love and understanding. Deal with whatever problems you have before venturing into married life, because marriage has a way of magnifying your flaws and it takes maturity and preparedness to handle it.