Lagos is one of the most culturally significant cities in Nigeria; from the busy roads to the colourful markets and the enchanting nightlife, it’s truly a place to be.

This upbeat city is also thriving with many different locations where people can hang out, relax and get to know each other.

The LCC is a great place to hang out and meet new people in Lagos

Amongst these many exciting places, here are some of the venues where you can snag yourself a date in Lagos if you’re single and ready to mingle.

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1. Lekki Conservation Centre: If you want to get a feel of Mother Nature even in this extremely industrialised urban city, the Lekki Conservation Centre is where you should be. The environment is serene and you get walk around the forest-like reserve filled with different animals. It’s a great place to meet new people and it’s quiet enough for you to carry on a proper conversation with little or no disturbance (except for the chattering monkeys). 

2. Singles Seminar: There is hardly a week that goes by in Lagos that someone somewhere doesn’t organize a seminar targeted at getting young singles together in one place. If you don’t already know, Nigerians are obsessed with marriage and that’s why churches and different social organisations are always trying to match make youths by planning singles seminars as often as possible. Although, in fairness to these people, a lot of great relationships have sprung to life as a result of these seminars. Who knows, you might get lucky and meet someone you click with if you attend any of the seminars.

3. Bars and relaxation spots: Lagos is dotted with hundreds of bars that come alive at nighttime. These are the places where a lot of people go to after work to unwind or simply to chill with friends. They’re also great spots for meeting fellow singles. However, avoid seedy bars where majority of the clients look shady because a fight can break out when you least expect it. So choose classy places where the environment is secure and the regulars are decent looking people.