First she dropped the video for her friend-zone anthem, "One Kain", then followed it up with the video for her incredible love song, "Complete Me".

To mark her 30th birthday, she has released a video for  "Gone For Good".

 "Gone For Good" is all about how the return of an ex-flame could bring back all the feelings you thought you'd successfully buried.

"The word around town is that you're back in town, and I try not to think about it/ But it's been so long and I thought I moved on, but now I really doubt it", Simi laments at the start of the song's first verse.

The video, which was shot by Joziewood in Johannesburg, follows Simi as she remembers both the good and bad times.

It ends rather triumphantly, however, as she doesn't pick up the phone when he eventually calls.

Watch the video below: