Would you kiss your sister on the lips?

This topic began to trend after two sisters, Sonia and Jessica, shared their cute sibling selfies on their Instagram pages.

Drama started yesterday when Sonia Voke posted the kissing selfie and Jessica responded by declaring love for her younger sister, with many people thinking that the expression was cute, while others found their display unsettling.

An upset Instagram user  had this to say about the photo: “That’s some lesbian shit right there. I have never kissed my kids or my family in the mouth. That’s how them kids get confused.”

It would be recalled that Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo in December 2015, was verbally attacked by fans while expressing his joy at being a dad after he kissed his daughter on the lips and posted the picture on Instagram.

The persistent trolling forced the actor to delete the picture.

So, does the photo upset you? Why?