Almost all women feel pains during their monthly period, but some pains are more terrible that being at work will become a burden. 

As much as women cherish menstruation, it is a time they are not looking forward to, to be honest.

The period comes with discomfort, pains, and even tears, terrible 3-5 or even 7 days.

But should a woman boldly tell her boss she is feeling menstrual pains and would be off from work the next day or two?

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Would that sound like a reasonable excuse, or just a lame one that won’t fly?

Or simply put, as a boss, woman or man, can you grant off day(s) to your staff because of their period?

I leave you to fathom answers to these questions.

According to The Guardian, about 20% of women suffer from severe period cramps that don’t allow them to continue with their daily activities but because of society not taking this issue seriously, these women choose to soldier on and do their daily activities anyway.

John Guillebaud, a professor of family planning and reproductive health at the University College London, says women can now find comfort in the fact someone in the medical industry regards dysmenorrhoea (menstrual cramps) as serious physical pain.

According to Marie Claire, Guillebaud equated the pain of menstrual cramps to those experienced by people who are having a heart attack. “Period cramping can be as bad as having a heart attack,” Guillebaud said.

According to a Telegraph publication, the public health services in the United Kingdom (the National Health Service) has come up with guidelines that state women suffering from severe period pains should be checked for signs of endometriosis, a painful womb condition.

NHS watchdogs are concerned that doctors are missing too many cases of endometriosis, which occurs in around one in 10 women of reproductive age and can damage fertility.

So ladies, don’t be shy or afraid, tell your boss, you might just get that one day off, or perhaps, one day knock. Whichever way it goes, it’s good you tried.

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