Nollywood actress, Shan George has told Nigerian pastors to use tithes and offerings to repair roads instead of buying private jets.

The actress shared a video of her plying the road between Calabar and Uyo in Akwa Ibom State to make her appeal.

She wrote:

"Dear Nigeria Pastors, I beg you in the name of God this beautiful Sunday, i’m on my knees, i know you must have collected a lot of tithes and offerings this Sunday, Pls help us repair our roads instead of using the money to buy private jets and big cars. U and your family fly over us with your private jets, while we perish down here.

"So many people have died here. Pls is it a crime or a sin if you help? #pastors#help#people#please"

On the other hand, radio OAP, Daddy freeze has been a big advocate of congregation not paying tithes to pastors. He claims pastors use it as a 'get rich' scheme for themselves. #freethesheeple