Help! Machines are fast pushing men into extinction even in the bedroom!

Why should married women keep sex toys? Are they helping to cover their husbands’ inadequacies or they are just sexually insatiable?

Should married men be worried about these trend, the size and capacity of those toys and the threat they pose to their marriages?

We are joined by a sex toy seller and expert, Sola Akanni and OAP, Babatunde Koiki on this episode of 18th Avenue.

VIDEO: My Husband Refused To Marry Me Legally But Now Needs A Marriage Certificate | 18th Avenue

With this conversation, you will be shocked how justifiable the practice has become. But hey, if you upgrade your D game, she might never need to get you help.

Why don’t you watch this to learn a few things about that G-spot and how to make her want nothing but yours?

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VIDEO: Should Married Women Have Sex Toys? | 18th Avenue

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