D'banj has been involved in another bout of defending his music from critics.

The King finally addressed one of his ‘haters’ who feel that his musical sojourn has hit the rocks.

Drama started on Wednesday when D’banj revealed that his latest music video, King Don Come, has 1million views on YouTube.

While some of his fans did not think it was a remarkable achievement, others told the singer that his kingdom has passed.


“Sign an artist who is ready to take over the world, and be a godfather. That will pay more,” one man enthused, adding, “Because you have passed [this] level. It is not really a good thing.”

The comment upset D’banj because he did not waste time to clap back. He also wrote about his company ‘The C.R.E.A.M Platform’, a sublet of his label D’ Cream Records, which he said is worth $100million.

His response: 

“You clearly have NO idea what i am about, what @creamplatform and my movement are about, yet you feel the need to air an unsolicited opinion,” he began.

 “Educate yourself with facts before you stray to my page and exhibit your pile ineptitude…YOU ARE SAYING ‘TRASH’!!!”


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