Peter Ndule is to spend the next 10 months behind bars for theft.

This is the verdict of a Karu Grade 1 Area Court in Abuja.

He broke into a shop through the ceiling to steal a laptop and other items worth N85, 000.

Police Prosecutor, Helen Ashsim told the court that the complainant, Ekwo Peter of Agwan Tiv, Karu, reported the incident on September 3 at Karu Police Station.

“He stole a Del scrap laptop, three microphones, one airtime receiver, two car stereos and one Saxophone, all valued at N85, 000.

Ndule of Agwan Tiv, Karu pleaded guilty to a two-count charge of breaking into a shop and stealing.

The Judge, Mr Hassan Ishaq, who handed down the verdict, however, gave him an option of N23,000 fine.

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