Jesus was nailed to the cross only once. But this Philippine man has since beaten that record.

The man, Ruben Enaje portrays Jesus during reenactment of Jesus’ crucifixion and death on the cross, every good Friday.

And he has done so for the past 32 years including this year’s good Friday.

“In the past, I went home injured and limping, but this year I feel so great,” Enaje said after the ritual held under a sweltering sun.

He said he believed his strong Catholic faith helped him avoid pain.

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“I feel like he is telling me ‘go ahead, keep it up’,” he said, referring to God.

About 80 percent of the 105 million people in the Philippines, a former Spanish colony, are Catholic.

Enaje said he felt strong enough to perform in two or three more crucifixions, until he turns 60.

Enaje was among three devotees nailed to wooden crosses in Philippine on Friday, including a woman taking part for the seventh time.

Actors wearing Roman soldier costumes attached the devotees to crosses by hammering two-inch nails soaked in alcohol through their hands and feet and hoisted them up in a field packed with domestic and foreign tourists.

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