The sleepy town of Ayobo, on the outskirts of Lagos was on Sunday morning, August 19 greeted with the gory sight of a helpless mother whose face and skull had been badly battered.

She was the victim of her own son and his morbid attempt to advance his cyber fraud business to the bloody or ritual level now known as yahoo plus.

The incident took place at about 8.30AM, at No.2 Raji Ajanaku street, Alaja Road, Ayobo, Lagos, inside the flat the 29-year-old suspect, Taiwo Akinola, lives with his mother, Mrs Alice Iyabo Akinola and her grandchild Master Faruk, aged 14. 

In a carefully thought out plan, Taiwo went to the victim's provision store in front of their apartment and told his mother to meet him inside the house for an important discussion and at same time sent his nephew, Faruk to go buy him a white handkerchief and a stick of cigarette.

As soon as the victim entered the house, the suspect attacked her, smashing her head with a plank, pressing iron and a UPS charger to ensure she didn't survive the ferocious attack.

When Faruk returned from the errand, he didn't see his grandmother in the shop. So, he went into the house only to see the poor woman lying in a pool of her blood.

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Shocked by what he saw, the boy raised the alarm which attracted neighbours to the scene.

They called the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Ayobo Division who arrived the scene with his team and promptly arrested the suspect and secured the scene for further investigation by the police forensic experts attached to the Homicide section SCIID Panti, Yaba.

The victim was rushed to a hospital for treatment as the Commissioner of Police paid the initial hospital cost which enabled the doctors to commence treatment.

At the time of the publication, doctors are battling to revive Mrs Alice Akinola who has been unconscious.

Said to be staunch member of the notorious Aiye confraternity, the suspect disclosed during interrogation that he was asked to kill his mother in order to have more money.

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When his room was searched, several strange items were recovered which the police have marked as exhibits.

Two calabashes with one containing human skull and the other, a mixture of dark concoction; a plank perforated with nails and stained with blood; a pressing iron stained with blood; a white handkerchief with which he wanted to scoop the victim's blood; and a bottle containing oil and labelled Back To Sender.

If street cult groups would ever be rooted out of Lagos, residents must work with the police and rise against all forms of crime and criminality.

This is how the Commissioner of Police feels about the sad incident.

He recalled that the Lagos Command defeated the Badoo cult group with the help of people who provided credible timely information to the police and complacency is not an option.

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