Slavery has refused to leave its roots.

Recall that slave trade started in 15th century with thousands of Africans ferried across the Atlantic to western Europe.

In fact, at some point, even royal ships were involved in the evil business.

Now, it appears to be rearing it ugly head again, although in an entirely different form.

According to United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency, NCA, modern slavery, as it's now known, is quite common in the queen’s kingdom more than even previously imagined.

According to a statement by NCA on Thursday, modern slavery and human trafficking in the United Kingdom is much more pervasive than even some less civilized countries, although Africans are not involved this time.

“Modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK is far more prevalent than previously thought. A growing body of evidence resulting from an increase in law enforcement activity points to the numbers of victims being much higher than estimated, and the threat continuing to expand,” NCA said in the statement.

According to the NCA, there are over 300 policing operations aimed at fighting human trafficking in the United Kingdom at the moment.

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Between May and June 2017, 111 individuals were arrested and 130 victims were detected in NCA operations against labour and sexual exploitation.

The NCA however said it plans to address the issue by starting a campaign on sexual and labor exploitation, explaining how the public can help stop it.

Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary from the Labour Party, commenting on the report issued by the NCA, stated that the criticism of the agency’s inability to tackle human trafficking raised serious concerns.

“The claim that modern slavery offences are just lying dormant on the NCA database because these crimes are not taken seriously is deeply troubling.

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“The NCA is accountable for its performance to the Home Secretary, so Amber Rudd has serious questions to answer,” Abbott indicated in a statement published on the Labour Party’s website.

According to the NCA statistics, 3,805 potential victims of human trafficking were submitted to the National Referral Mechanism, a process aimed at identifying the victims of human trafficking in the United Kingdom and their support, in 2016.

Of those potential victims, 150 were from Scotland, 123 from Wales and 33 from Northern Ireland.

The others were referred from England.