Members of the Borno State House of Assembly have announced the suspension of plenary for one month after one of the Senators representing the state in the Senate, Ali Ndume, slapped a member of the state House, Habu Dala Aji,

Ndume allegedly struck Ali during an argument at a political meeting on Wednesday.

A statement released by the Speaker of the Assembly, Abdulkareem Lawan said Aji was slapped by Ndume at his residence when he was trying to settle a misunderstanding between him and his electorate from Damboa.

The Speaker also alleged that during the settlement, some hoodlums also attacked and beat up a member of the House, Mohammed Saleh Baga, who went into a coma and was hospitalized.

Part of the statement reads; "Following the incidents, the House resolved that all sponsors and those who attacked Saleh Banga should be arrested and arraigned before a court of law by security agencies.

"That the inspector general of police (IGP) and Senate President are to investigate the action of Senator Ndume’s slapping and humiliation of Hon. Habu Dala Aji. That the Kwaya-Kusar local council secretary should be relieved of her position as Secretary to the local Government'.

Ndume has, however, denied the allegation.

Ndume described the allegation as “falsehood”, aimed at tarnishing his good name for mischievous reasons.

“Several people have been calling me saying they saw some news circulating in the media alleging that I slapped one Habu Dala-Aliyu.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I cannot remember meeting any member named Habu Dala-Aliyu, as erroneously circulating on the media. The purported writer forgot to spell Bukar Daja-Ali, the acclaimed member correctly.

“Honestly, the member is not telling the truth, there was nothing like that. I never slapped anybody. “What happened was that the member came to my house for a meeting along with some hoodlums who began pouring all sort of insult at me in front of everybody.

“I was going to meet the hoodlums to demand why they came to my house to insult me when the member tried to stop me. “The only thing I did was to tell him not to touch me. “I then angrily asked him why he came with people into my house to insult me after which i went inside my house,” Ndume said.

The senator said the seeming altercation happened in the presence of all those who were in the house at the time, adding that he at no point slapped the lawmaker. He also challenged the state assembly or anybody to provide evidence of his slapping the lawmaker.

“The hoodlums later came back to apologise after they realised their mistakes and I have forgiven them.

“I don’t know how the issue of slapping a member of a Borno State House of Assembly came from. “I challenge him or any other person coming up with such claim to present any evidence that I slapped the lawmaker,” he said

In 2014, Senator Ndume was also alleged to have slapped a state assembly member, Hon. Ahmed Jaha.