If you consider the most expensive things in life, it’s very likely that Child marriage may never cross your mind.

But the World Bank has made a startling revelation concerning child marriage and warns that the practice will cost developing countries trillions of dollars in the next ten years.

This, it said, will seriously hamper global efforts to eradicate poverty.

One in three girls in the developing world is married before the age of 18, with one girl married off every two seconds, according to experts.

That means that before you finish reading this story, at least more than three girls would have been married off.

The World Bank is saying that ending this would reduce population growth, enable more girls get education and increase their earnings.

It would also lead to women having healthier and better educated children, further boosting prosperity.

“Child marriage not only puts a stop to girls’ hopes and dreams, it also hampers efforts to end poverty and achieve economic growth and equity,” World Bank economist, Quentin Wodon said in a statement.

“Ending this practice is not only the morally right thing to do but also the economically smart thing to do,” added Wodon, who co-authored the report – the first to look at the economic impact of child marriage.

Although world leaders have pledged to end child marriage by 2030 under the UN Sustainable Development Goals agreed in 2015, investments to end the practice remain limited.