Are you about to open the third bottle of beer?

Alcohol has the tendency of making a man develop abnormal quality of sperm, a Fertility Physician has warned.

Dr. Sharon Osaide says taking 60% alcohol within 48 hours will likely make a man’s sperm quality depreciate.

Dr. Osaide, who is also a gynecologist with Rose Du Rouge International Initiative and a Volunteer Consultant, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday in Lagos that “two glasses of alcohol have no effect on men`s sperm cell, but men that take up to 60% alcohol in 48 hours will develop teratozospermia (abnormal sperm cell).

“Even though they may have normal sperm counts, they will have abnormal quality of sperm.

“For every time there is an intercourse a man ejaculates, the ejaculate is the semen but what is important is the sperm cells contained in the sperm.

“Some men have made it a habit to always visit bars every day to take 2 bottles or more bottles of alcohol which could lead to abnormal sperm cell”.

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One way to overcome the condition is to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and engage in regular exercises to avoid being obese, the gynaecologist emphasised.

“Obesity in men can lead to infertility, when a man is obese, he will produce the estrogen hormone rather than the testosterone hormone.

“The estrogen hormone is the female hormone and after some time the estrogen will inhibit their production and a lot of them will not produce sperm cell anymore,” she explained.

Reducing the intake of alcohol is very key to reproduction and every man should know this.