Wonders they say shall never end. 

An Islamic preacher has been banned in Egypt for asking men to sleep with the corpses of their late wives.

The decision bans Sheikh Sabri from appearing on private or public satellite channels or to be hosted on radio stations.

The chairman of the media body, Makram Mohammed Ahmed, said on Monday that the council had taken the decision because Sheikh Sabri issued a fatwa that insults Islam.

He added that such fatwa disregards Muslims’ ethics and morals and disrespects the sanctity of the dead.

He added that the council will not allow TV programs to discuss such issues, and will appeal to Al-Azhar – the leading authority on Sunni Islam – to investigate the controversial remarks.

However, Dr. Abdul Raouf, denied issuing the fatwa, saying it was falsely attributed to him.

He said he was responding to a reporter’s question about a fatwa issued by an Arab cleric allowing intercourse with a dead wife and said it was forbidden, but he was surprised that the fatwa spread on social media and was attributed to him.

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