Two legal practitioners were beaten for alleged disrespect to a Police Area Commander.

The victims – Adekoya Adebayo and Sola Ajisebutu – had gone to a bar at Molipa, in the Ijebu Ode area of Ogun State, to meet a client for a business discussion.

The Ijebu Ode Police Area Commander, ACP Funsho Ajao was said to have visited the bar during that time.
After the discussion, the owner of the bar reportedly took Adebayo to Ajao’s seat in the pub, seeking to start a relationship between the lawyer and the police boss.
However, after the introduction went awry, Adebayo stormed out of the bar and was about entering into his car when a policeman allegedly accosted him.
The policeman was alleged to have queried the lawyer for not prostrating for the commander and slapped him.
Adebayo’s friend, Ajisebutu, who had a physical disability and used crutches, was said to have been pushed to the ground when he attempted to mediate.
He said prior to the incident, the chamber had written petitions against the area commander for allegedly fraternising with a rich man in the state to frustrate the course of justice in a case involving another client.

“I got to the place around 11.30pm because of traffic. After a brief discussion with the client, I decided to leave. The bar owner, who was a friend, grabbed my hand and said he wanted me to meet with somebody.

“He took me to a table where the area commander was seated. There were empty beer bottles on the table. Even before the introduction, as a cultured Yoruba man, I had bowed and greeted him without knowing who he was. The bar owner said, ‘Meet the area commander’. We exchanged pleasantries.

“However, I remembered that there had been a matter between the chamber I work with, and the office of the area commander. But I maintained my composure.

“During the introduction, he got to know I worked with the Kayode Oshiyemi’s chamber and his countenance changed. Immediately, I sensed trouble and hurried out of the bar.

“I was about to enter my car when one of the policemen, who was in mufti, asked why I was standing straight to address the area commander and that I should have prostrated. I told him the area commander was not up to a magistrate or a high court judge that we stand to address daily.

“He slapped me. The other policemen, who were in uniform, beat me and used the butts of their guns to hit me. My fiancée was also assaulted.”

The head of the Kayode Oshiyemi and Co. chamber, Kayode Oshiyemi, said he had petitioned the Office of the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 2, over the assault.

  Oshiyemi after recounting the incident, said his firm had previously written petitions against Ajao over his alleged bias and corrupt practices.

He said, “It is the deliberate omission of the police authorities to act in respect of previous petitions written against ACP Funsho Ajao that makes him feel he is untouchable. He has gone too far this time, as it took the intervention of another police officer, named Anthony, who recognised our client to rescue him from being further maimed.”

He called for investigations into the incident to avert a “looming breach of the public peace and public protest.”