Imagine you were traveling by air and the pilot of your plane sleeps off. You shudder at the thought of the consequences, right?

That was the situation some passengers in Australia found themselves when their pilot, who was the only person on board at the time, overshot the remote Tasmanian island where they were due to land after dozing off.

Sky News reported that they missed their destination by 29 miles after he dozed off in the cockpit. He is now being investigated by the authorities.

The aircraft, a Piper PA-31 was said to have been travelling from Devonport to King Island on a routine flight by Vortex Air, a high-end private jet tourism operator.

A statement from the company said the flight was the pilot's first after a period of leave.

They had declared themselves fit to fly, were deemed adequately experienced, and had "previously flown the route a number of times without incident", the operator said.

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Flight tracker data from 8 November shows the plane leaving Devonport at 6.21am, but overshooting King Island and doubling back on its path after some distance flying across the sea.

It eventually arrived at King Island at 7.21 am.

The plane continued to fly to its scheduled destinations between Australia and Tasmania throughout the day, and it has remained in operation since the incident.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is now investigating a "pilot incapacitation" and plans to interview the pilot and review operational procedures.

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