Nigeria frowns at homosexuality.

In fact, a law prohibiting homosexuality was passed in 2014, and it prescribes a 14-year jail term for anyone convicted of homosexual offences.

Majority of Nigerians still are outraged by the idea of men making out with their fellow men and vice versa.

But it appears that is beginning to change, according to a new survey by NOI Polls.

The 2017 survey by NOI Polls compared attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, LGBT people in Nigeria against a 2015 poll.

It found a 7% increase in acceptance of LGBT people, and a 9% rise to 39% of those surveyed who think that LGBT people should be allowed equal access to public services such as healthcare, education and housing.

"These changes might look small, but let us acknowledge the progress," said Olumide Makanjuola, executive director of The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERS), a charity working to protect the rights of sexual minorities in Nigeria, which commissioned the survey.

"The fact that there is a small differential is important to acknowledge. Nigeria is not an easy place to have such conversations," he added.

However, the poll also showed a 4% increase to 90% of Nigerians who support the criminalisation of same-sex relationships, and no change in the proportion of Nigerians who believe that the country would be a better place with no LGBT people, also 90%.