When you see score-sheets of lecturers in Nigerian universities, you will wonder why poor scores largely swallow up the entire sheet, leaving the few As and Bs in obscurity. 

A study published of recent and made available to Bounce News by the researchers will open your eyes to the state of the nation whose education sector is in shambles. 

Again, in this research report also lies the reason alcohol producing companies in Nigeria are raking in millions of Naira in a circular state where Christianity and Islamic religions vehemently kick against alcohol overindulgence harder than boxer, Anthony Joshua could hit an opponent. 

Drink responsibly, has been the pay-off message that alcohol producing companies voice at the end of their advertisements. But this has not in any way reduced the intake of alcohol which medical practitioners warn could increase the risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. 

It causes this risk through metabolising (breaking down) ethanol in alcoholic drinks to acetaldehyde, which is a toxic chemical and a probable human carcinogen. 

This same acetaldehyde can damage both DNA (the genetic material that makes up genes) and proteins.

examination score sheet shows what miracle centres
A page of a lecturer's scoresheet in Nigeria

However, that is a topic for another day. 

But a study by an expert in Sociology of Addiction, Dr. Emeka Dumbili and Dr Blessing Onyima, an expert in Medical Anthropology, shows that intoxication which was punished in the traditional era, has now become a thing that students now get badges of honour for. 

The research conducted among students of an eastern Nigerian university highlighted the responses of some female students to a question about whether they take alcohol when they want to write examinations. 

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Here is what one of the respondents simply identified as Chioma said: 

“I took alcohol before going to write my exam [laughs]… With that alcohol, I remember most of the things I had read. I just took it, yeah, and it helped me to remember more when I was writing my exam…”.

Before now, the widespread belief was that women engaged in gendered social drinking, but the role of alcohol among them appears to have extended beyond leisure and entertainment to memory and courage booster. 

The study which also underscored the role of peers in shaping drinking motive, also discovered that male students alike emboldened themselves with alcohol before they delivered academic papers/reports. 

“Relatedly, some of the women also thought that alcohol could enhance their retentive memory. Thus, they consumed alcohol purposefully before taking their written examinations. 

“Although drinking to be bold and confident to present academic papers may not occur on a regular basis, such practices may facilitate binge or heavy episodic drinking and the associated risks” the study report read.

Students of university of lagos at afe babalola ha
Students of a tertiary institution in Nigeria

"This is especially because students may consume large quantities of alcohol (to become “high”) within the shortest time. 

To address this trend which is worrisome, the study recommends that policy makers might need to consider implementing drink standardisation policies to promote safer consumption among alcohol users. 

It stressed that "for these interventions to be effective, the physical availability of alcohol on this campus should be addressed. If alcohol outlets and sales continue to operate in this student environment without serious regulation, the drinking culture and practices that deviate from the traditional consumption norms (where drinking was mainly for pleasure) may continue to prevail.

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"In sum, if the accounts of these participants are accurate, then coping, enhancement and social drinking motives facilitate drinking practices that might heighten alcohol-related problems among Nigerian youths”.

What one now wonders is how increased consumption of alcohol, which research has shown could lead to gradual memory loss can turn around to boost the same memory. 

The Federal government needs to urgently intervene in Nigeria's education sector before it is too late.