Some buttocks are more precious than others. Ask yourself, how much is my bum bum worth?

Likes the one belonging to an Indian man, its was filled with gold worth about $30,000.

If you convert that to the Naira using the official exchange rate of 305 naira, you would have a pair of buttocks worth about 9.1 million naira.

Wouldn't you covet such buttocks?

Well, the government may not even allow you to possess that kind of expensive buttocks.

The Sri Lankan man who had these buttocks has been arrested by Sri Lanka customs.

The man was arrested while attempting with “difficulty” to smuggle nearly one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of gold stuffed inside his buttocks.

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Officials were alerted when the 45-year-old man behaved “suspiciously” at Colombo airport’s departure lounge on Sunday, said spokesman, Sunil Jayaratne.

“He was called for a thorough screening after customs officers noticed him walking with difficulty and appearing to be in pain,” Jayaratne told AFP.

He said a close examination revealed the gold wrapped in black plastic sheets.

Among the 904 grams of gold recovered were seven yellow “biscuits” and six chains. The haul was valued at 4.5 million rupees, about $30,000.

Jayaratne said the contraband was seized and the man fined 100,000 rupees. He described him as a courier for an organised smuggling ring.

You see, government has an eye for expensive buttocks. Stay away from them!

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