What can you do or not do for love?

For this man, he could go to the extent of stealing from his pensioner grandpa.

Luke Quatrini is 34 years, old enough to make his own cookies, but he chose to steal from his grand dad. And for what? To pay for his girlfriend’s breast enlargement surgery as well as other expenses.

A UK court heard on Wednesday that Qantrini allegedly swindled his own 92-year-old grandfather out of his life savings to put down a 500 Pound deposit for breast surgery of his 29-year-old girlfriend, Emma Hodges.

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Quatrini used his grand dad, Clifford Bartlett’s, bank card without his permission to pay for the boob job deposit, reports Mirror UK.

There was no allegation the girl friend, Emma has done anything illegal.

The court heard that 3,000 Pounds went missing from Mr. Bartlett’s life savings and left the retired docks worker without money to pay his household bills.

Sadly, the old man has died, perhaps unable to endure the poverty.

Quatrini is also accused of using the card to pay for Ryanair flights, online shopping on Amazon, hiring portaloo toilets and building work.

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He is accused of fraudulently spending more than 1,000 Pounds from the Nationwide account.

Prosecutor Emma Harries said the crimes took place over 10 months after Quatrini moved into his grandfather’s house in Newport, South Wales, in 2012 after a fire at his own home.

Miss Harries said: “He had not given anyone permission to use his card.”

Newport Crown Court heard Mr Bartlett broke down in tears after believing his own family was stealing from him.

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