Police corruption is indeed a global phenomenon.

You would think Nigerian police are the worst of the corrupt lot but the ones in Kenya could beat them hands down.

A 33-year-old Kenyan man, Jervason Musinga Kiendi, had innocently gone to a police station to report a robbery incident.

But guess what happened?

Mr Kiendi received the shock of his life after he discovered that the robbers were the police officers behind the reporting desk at the station.

Kiendi accused the three policemen, who were in a saloon car of seizing him moments after he withdrew cash from a bank in Machakos town on Friday.

Kiendi said they robbed him of Sh390,000, about 139,978 naira and dumped him in a bush in Konza.

However, when he went to Machakos Police Station to report the incident, Kiendi claimed he found two of his attackers at the station, and they refused to record his statement.

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He returned to the police station the next day and found the third man he claimed was part of the gang that robbed him manning the reporting desk.

The policeman allegedly kept him waiting in the reports office.

He then went to Salama Police Station in Makueni County where he made the report.

In the statement he made in Salama, Kiendi said he withdrew Sh400,000 from Equity Bank in Machakos around midday on Friday and immediately spent Sh10,000.

Later, as he walked from the bank to the local referral hospital, a saloon car with three male occupants stopped at the hospital gate.

The men bundled him into the car, threatened to shoot him and took him to the Machakos-Konza road, where they dumped him after robbing him of the money.

Kiendi told police a good Samaritan offered him a lift from the robbery scene to Machakos Police Station.

“He says he found two of the men who robbed him of the money at the office where he went to report, in civilian clothes. He alleges he tried to make a report on the incident but was told to wait outside until late in the evening,” said an officer aware of the matter.

Machakos County police boss, Samuel Mukinda, said they had opened investigations into the claims.

“We intend to visit the bank to confirm if he withdrew the money and conduct a thorough probe before we establish a way forward,” said Mr. Mukinda.

He added that the victim’s allegations were serious and would be handled seriously.

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