If you think your Lagos landlord is a monster, then you should read this.

Landlords in Houston have been demanding rent from victims of Hurricane Harvey whose homes have been flooded and uninhabitable.

These are guys who are just struggling to piece their lives together have been slapped with fees from landlords, who are demanding rent for the flooded apartments.

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Rocio Fuentes told The Guardian she has been asked to pay up immediately.

She said: "Our landlords say we have to pay rent and late fees and every day it is going up.

"We are paying rent for somewhere we can’t live in. They said, ‘you aren’t the only ones in this situation’, but what are we supposed to do? We don’t have any money. We don’t have anything."

Texas property code states that if a property is "totally unusable" due to a disaster then either the landlord or tenant can terminate the lease through written notice.

However, if the property is deemed "partially unusable" because of a disaster, a tenant may only get a reduction in rent determined by a county or district court.

The Telegraph reports that many people are still living in shelters and relying on handouts to live after Hurricane Harvey.

More than 203,000 Texas homes were damaged or destroyed by Harvey, which dumped as much as 52 inches (132 cm) of rain across the region and killed as many as 60 people, according to authorities.

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