In a country where policemen under the cover of SARS keep assaulting innocent citizens without fear, the state of lawlessness and disregard for human rights is bound to get worse.

Now it appears everyone who wears a law enforcement uniform believe they can maltreat fellow citizens and go scot-free.

Mere security men stationed at the Lagos State Polytechnic on Wednesday, July 11, left students, staff and onlookers shocked with the way they brutally beat a woman whose son is a student of the school.

Folake Sokoya’s son had been admitted into the polytechnic but missed his examination because he has been out of the country.

On his parents’ instruction, he returned home and proceeded to the school, hoping to defer his admission till the next academic year.

But he was accosted at the school by security men who accused him of being a cultist. This is because he wore a stud on one ear.

The boy’s mother narrated the incident to Bounce News.

“Just about an hour after he left the house, my son called that a security man has arrested him and has taken him to their office. I was about asking him what happened when I had a slap sound and I couldn't reach my son again.

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“I frantically started calling him, but nobody was picking so I called the admission officer who told me to be on my way while he tries to find out what is happening.

“Before getting to the school, one of my son's course mates called me that she found my son at the security unit, seriously being beaten by a man.

“Her words ‘mummy please come quickly, a man is slapping BB (my son) come before he blinds him o’ I became more afraid and asked if she knew what my son had done and she said she would ask but I was already in their school premises so I called her and we met outside the security office.

“I went in there and asked to see their CSO but they refused to let me see him and I even concluded that maybe he wasn't around. So, I stepped out with my son and the girl that assisted in locating my son.

“As I was speaking on phone, the children pointed at one of the two men approaching me that he was the one beating my son without knowing why he was being arrested.

“We met, and I simply greeted them and asked why my son was beaten like a thief because the mark was showing on my son's face, but to my surprise, one of the men, instead of him to answer my question, pushed me to get out of his way and I fell backwards, hitting my head on the floor.

“I became very angry, stood up with the help of my boys and I held him that the CSO must hear and see how his boys have treated me for asking a question.

“That was how both men started beating me, giving me series of blows and one used his head to knock my glasses off my face, shattering the glasses in the process, the tricycle riders who were conveying students parked to save me but a third security officer threatened to shoot if they come near us and so they dragged me back into their office and continued beating me and I even noticed my son trying to save me but they also pounced on him.

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“While all this was going on, a tall man came in and told them to lock me up in a room that has some tables and ordered that they turned the table upside down and take pictures saying, ‘you will tell us who sent you to come and attack us in our office’.

“After this, he forced me to an adjacent office and ask what the matter was, that was when he introduced himself as the CSO and realised that I was a mother.  I told him what transpired and claimed he came out of his office when my son was beeing harassed by his men and demanded to know what happened,” she narrated.

What shocked Mrs Sokoya was what the so-called CSO said to her. She quoted him as saying this:

"I heard noises and knew my men must be dealing with a student so I stepped out of my office to ask them what happened and they said he was wearing earring and I told them to just tell him to take it off and I let him go.

“You have to write statement that you came to harass my men and tore their clothes because we seized your son's earring.

“If you refuse to cooperate, I will call DPO to arrest you. See, I will say you are a cult member and lock you up,” he said, showing her the pictures he asked them to take.

The woman has since reported the matter at the Sagamu road police division before being taken to the Ikorodu general hospital, but no action has since been taken.

Apparently, this action by the LASPOTECH security department is not new to students and staff of the institution.

A lecturer said on condition of anonymity: “That is how they maltreat innocent students and run away when cultists arrive.”

He said that an innocent student; a male student was shot by these same security men sometime in April 2018.

Will the school authority, police and government fold their arms and let this abuse of people’s rights continue without efforts to stop it?

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