Forces chasing after some terrorists in Somalia have made a grievous mistake.

They killed 10 people, including 3 children who were not terrorists.

And now, the mourning bereaved are refusing to bury the dead loved ones, in protest, until the government admits to the killing by its soldiers.

The military raid was said to have been backed by America.

The 10 were shot dead when Somalia’s army, supported by American soldiers, carried out an operation in Bariire village, about 50 km (30 miles) from the capital Mogadishu on Friday.

Ali Nur, the deputy governor of the surrounding Lower Shabelle region, told Reuters the bodies would be stored until the government pays compensation.

The action is shocking because in Muslim culture, the dead are usually quickly buried, mostly within 24 hours.

“We refused to bury them because the government has denied and it still has not directly admitted it killed the civilians,” Nur told Reuters.

“The government should admit it killed the civilians and then compensate,” he added.

In the meantime, authorities, according to Nur, had converted a refrigerated crayfish truck into a mortuary to hold the bodies.

America on the other hand, through its US Africa Command, have admitted that its soldiers were involved in the Bariire operation and that it was investigating reports of civilian casualties.