If you are ever in doubt of the effects of poor waste control on the environment, this story is all you need to get convinced.

A sperm whale has been found dead in Indonesia with 115 plastic cups and 25 plastic bags in its stomach.

The items were part of nearly six kilograms of plastic waste discovered in the 9.5-metre (31-foot) carcass when it washed ashore in Wakatobi National Park, in Southeast Sulawesi province, on Monday, AFP reports.

Other debris included flip flops and ripped tarpaulins, the head of Wakatobi tourism, La Ode Saleh Hanan, told AFP on Wednesday.

Conservation group WWF Indonesia said on social media its staff found four plastic bottles and 3.26 kilograms of raffia rope, as well as the plastic bags and cups.

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The exact cause of the whale's death is not yet known but there are signs that "plastic waste might have triggered it", WWF Indonesia marine species conservation coordinator Dwi Suprapti told AFP.

Wakatobi district, a picturesque collection of four main islands surrounded by a marine reserve, has urged Indonesia's central government to help tackle the problem of marine debris.

Indonesia is the world's second biggest contributor to marine debris after China, and a colossal 1.29 million metric tons is estimated to be produced annually.

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