Would you consider this an act of cruelty?

Is it possible to show kindness while ending a life?

Do not be quick to conclude.

At 8 weeks, Baby Charlie was diagnosed with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome and is considered to be only one of 16 babies worldwide with this disease.

His condition is progressive and currently incurable and would eventually lead to death.

But here is the thing, Baby Charlie’s parents are not giving up on him.

They believe that the treatments for the various mitochondrial conditions, including the nucleoside they have been fighting for, will save their son.

In a European court where the case is heard, Charlie’s parents prayed the court to determine if they, as parents, have the right to continue to provide medical treatments for their son or if he should be allowed to die.

Their son is only 10 months old and they want the court to let them use a potentially life-saving drug from the U.S.

They believed that the drug (which is still experimental), would help their son’s genetic condition rather than allow him to die as doctors have recommended.

But the court would have none of this. It believes that Baby Charlie has suffered enough and should be allowed to die peacefully, instead of prolonging his suffering.

The court on a June 27 ruling held that the application by the parents was ‘inadmissible’.

The court said that the baby is being exposed to continued pain, suffering and distress in pursuit of treatments that were unsure.

It added that any additional treatment would continue to cause harm to the baby stressing that its ruling is “Final”.