The d-day was here, everything was pointing to a good ceremony. The groom all decked up was ready to be joined with his lovely bride, then the unthinkable happened...the bride disappeared!

The church service was to hold at a Celestial Church of Christ branch in Ondo, when Miss Taiwo, the bride of the day suddenly went missing.

The families, guests including well wishers at the church were thrown into confusion as Taiwo refused to grace her own wedding ceremony.

Did she develop cold feet? Was she kidnapped? No one seems to have a clue of what happened as Taiwo's phone was switched off.

Taiwo's mother was said to have slumped when the news of the disappearance of her daughter was made public.

She was rushed to the Ondo State Specialist Hospital, Ondo, where she was placed on admission.

Taiwo as the time of filing this report is still missing. Isaac looked like the world has come to an end.

A report has been filed at the police station but regulations require 24 hours of her absence before a search party is sent out by police authorities.