“Yes, it is true. 80% do Juju. When I first started as a waka pass and that was during the days of Saint Obi, Liz Benson,  Emeka Ike, you go to auditions and win your roles by merits not by any favoritism".

That's according to Nollywood actress, Chidinma Nwadike who shared her heartfelt annoyance in a recent interview. 

She condemns the attitude of actresses to hard work as several of them continue to seek short cuts to success.

"If you are not good you won’t get a role. You have to be good to get the best roles. But now, things are not the way it used to be. The creative industry is gone and is only by the grace of God  the good old days can be restored.

"Now, 80% of actresses use charms to get movie roles and when you offend them, they will bring confusion on the set so that you fluff your lines and eventually lose the role. Believe me or not, it is true and this happens mostly in Asaba and Enugu", she added.

She also claims that marketers belong to various secret cults. She notes that after she makes income from acting, she visits her pastor before spending the money.