Can it get worse than this? Each time you take the wheel remember that at least 27 people die per hour along highways in Africa.

One can never imagine the carnage recorded on Africa’s highways daily.

At least, 650 people are killed every day in road accidents across the continent.

The figure would look disputable, but it is coming from a United Nations envoy.

Jean Todt, UN Special Envoy for Road Safety said this on Monday at the 2017 Africa Road Safety Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Todt said road accidents in Africa are among the deadliest worldwide.

The top UN official called for more to be done to keep drivers as well as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists safe.

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“There is projected increase in urbanisation, motorisation, infrastructure development projects and vehicle ownership in the region over the coming decades.

“Road traffic fatalities and injuries will continue to take a rising toll on countries, if no significant changes are made,” he warned.

To change the trend, Todt urged participating governments to implement the Global Plan for the Decade of Action and the African Road Safety Action Plan, which focuses on safer roads, vehicles and road users.

He said the plan also detailed improved post-crash care and stronger road safety governance, including the enforcement of strong legislation.

Who wouldn’t agree to such plans?

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