There are many things one may never know, just by the fact that one may never consider its possibility.

One of such things is the fact that approximately 56 billion babies are killed in the womb every year.

This is coming to light after researchers released their study on unsafe abortions on Wednesday.

But this number in themselves are not the real problem. The problem is that more than half of these abortions are unsafe, putting at risk the lives of women who procure them.

According to the research, all but a relative handful of those 25.5 million risky abortions; which can endanger the lives of mother, child or both, occurred in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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The research which was published in the Lancet Medical Journal, noted that in many African countries, less than 15% of procedures to terminate pregnancies met minimum medical standards, citing data used to compile the global analysis.

The findings highlight a strong link between abortion laws and safety.

"The highest proportions of safe abortions were seen in countries with less restrictive laws, high economic development and well-developed infrastructures," said lead author Bela Ganatra, a researcher at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

The study was based on data covering the 2010-2014 period.

In North America, 99% of abortions were classified as safe, followed by northern Europe at 98%, western Europe, 94% and southern Europe, 91%.

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