“I joined them three months ago and during my initiation, I was forced to have sex with every registered member of the cult present that night. I was given a sedative so as not to feel what they were doing. It was not easy, but I bore the pain.”

Ifechukwu, a secondary school drop-out, was found by the police while having unconscious sex with 52 cultists.

She said that she traveled from Abuja to Lagos just to undergo the ceremony and was given a sedative to numb the pain while the men took turns on her.

“I got to know about the cult activity through a friend. She assured me that all the connection that I needed in this life will be made if I joined the group.

"I am from a poor family and I wanted to be the light that will change the situation in my family."

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“She never told me that I will be raped till the day of initiation. The day we were initiated, I was the only girl in their midst. Although, I have not started reaping the gains, I was determined to be a successful member.

“I was further convinced to stay because I discovered that they are more honourable than the others. I am sorry and would love to be given the opportunity to go back to school.

“I never knew that it is crime to be a member. I am sorry,” Ifechukwu pleaded.

The state Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma, revealed the police acted on an intelligence report that the cult members and their new entrants were in a bush performing some rituals.


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