Fraudsters are unrelenting.

They constantly have their eyes on the money in our banks.

In 2016 alone, they stole about 2.40 billion naira.

But this was smaller than the amount they stole in 2015, about 3.17 billion naira, a 24.29% drop according statistics from the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC.

NDIC’s Managing Director/Chief Executive, Umaru Ibrahim said this while delivering a lecture on “the Role of NDIC in Mitigating Corruption in the Nigerian Banks’’ in Abuja.

“The reported cases of frauds, forgeries and outright theft involving bank staff recorded a huge decline of 48.12% from 18.02 billion naira in 2015 to 8.68 billion naira in 2016,” Ibrahim said.

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In addition, the level of attempted cases of frauds and forgeries declined by 0.329 billion naira or 11.94% from 2.756 billion naira in March 2017 to 2.427 billion naira in June 2017.

So, the security guards are doing their best.

But reported cases of fraud are on the rise. According to Ibrahim these cases rose by 36.42% from 12,279 cases in 2015 to 16,751 cases in 2016.