This is coincidence at a deep level.

Sixteen nurses working in the intensive care unit, ICU of Banner Desert Medical Centre in Mesa, Arizona have astounded co-workers by all becoming pregnant at the same time.

The nurses only discovered how many of them were simultaneously expecting children when they all happened to join a Facebook group chat for pregnant workers at the hospital, reports UK’s Independent.

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According to nurse Ashley Atkins, the sheer volume of pregnant nurses in the same department of the hospital has left staff wondering “what’s in the water?”

Atkins explained how the discovery has brought the nurses closer together.

She said: “This isn’t an easy job to have when you’re pregnant and not feeling well all the time, so it’s nice to share stories and have that support, and then you find out how supportive your co-workers are of you, and your management team, so it’s been a good experience.”

Most of the nurses are due to give birth at some point between October and January.

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