It's called swimming with the tide.

Royal Dutch Shell does not want to be left behind in the auto business value chain.

Hence, it has started innovating for the future – electric vehicles.

The oil major has launched a fast-charging -service for electric vehicles at three Shell service stations near London and in northern England.

The company said on Wednesday that the service would charge most electric vehicle batteries from zero to 80% within half an hour.

The project is the oil major’s first foray into fast-charging-electric-vehicles, whose use is set to grow with consumers’ demand for cleaner cars.

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Shell will expand the service further in Britain and into the Netherlands and the Philippines, the company said.

The launch comes a week after Shell announced the acquisition of NewMotion, one of Europe’s largest electric-vehicle charging networks.

“Shell believes electric vehicles will form a material part of the transport network going forward,” Jane Lindsay-Green, Shell UK future fuels manager, told reporters.

Shell expects around a quarter of the world’s car fleet to be electric by 2040.

Currently, there are fewer than 100,000 electric vehicles on the roads.

Morgan Stanley estimates that one million to 3 million public charging points may be needed in Western Europe by 2030 to meet rising demand.

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