Most African cities are still behind when it comes to guaranteeing their citizens' long-term success and Jones Lang LaSalle's  City Momentum Index 2018 has highlighted this situation. 

In the report, 30 cities were indexed and no African city made the list. 

It is surprising that even Nigeria's mega city, Lagos, is not in the top 30.

While there is a rapid rate of technology in most countries in Africa and other parts of the world, showing signs of transformation, the report's indices emphasised why nations should begin to explore ways of attracting high-end talent, foster innovation, and maintain competitiveness. 

Failing to do so can have dire consequences, the World Economic Forum has warned. 

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In identifying these cities best placed for long-term success, Jones Lang LaSalle used weighted score of the presence of the world’s top universities, international patent applications, air quality, public transport infrastructure, third-party indices of the innovation economy and the presence of technology firms. 

In the chart, the Unites States has a total of 12 cities while Canada followed with 3 cities.

Germany and the United Kingdom have 2 cities each in the list of 30 cities. 

Here is a chart of the cities. 

cities best placed for long-term success

Nigeria's commercial city, Lagos, however, ranked number 25 in list of cities with short-term momentum measured with key index like, population, connectivity, re-investment property prices economic output corporate activity construction retail sales.

cities best placed for long-term success

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