It sounds like something the witch doctor recommended, but it’s just a dance style conjured on the streets of Lagos.

Shaku Shaku is taking over.

From the street credentialed Olamide and Lil Kesh, to the 'ajebuttered' Davido and even DJ Cuppy have all tried stepping the Shaku Shaku way.

Nigerians love to dance and from all indications, this new strange style will be taking over clubs, parties, weddings and concerts.

I bet choreographers and musicians will be looking to incorporate it in their routines and music videos in 2018.

So what exactly is Shaku Shaku and how does one execute this tricky dance step?

Bounce News sought out Nigeria's most popular choreographer and dancer extraordinaire, Kaffy to find answers.

“Its not a theory thing, its practical, but let me try to explain it. You fold your hands a bit, cross one arm over the other, then you bend your knees, and do something like a hippty hop, almost like dancing gangnam style, the other moves added also depends on the technical skill of the person dancing”.

It still does not explain why once the music hits, people lose their home training and just begin to show off their Shaku Shaku skills.

The animated and exciting dance step which is blazing the streets of Lagos like wildfire is believed to have its origin from the inner streets of Agege, popular for its retail markets and major roads.

However, people first became aware of the term Shaku Shaku after Olamide’s 'Wo' music video which had both the artiste and the numerous dancers, display the dance step, there by endorsing a new dance fad in Nigeria.

Dammy Krane released his song of the same title in December.

Then as the year came to an end Lil’ Kesh, Mayorkun, Davido, Niniola, Tiwa Savage all danced Shaku Shaku. 

"Its like a lot of dances, it is a fad, some people  come up with the idea, somebody else names it, then they find people of influence to help promote the style.

"For example, Olamide’s Shakiti dance step evolved from Fuji Gabage. Hey Nigerians like faji' so we just love to dance", Kaffy told Bounce News.

Another thing that Shaku Shaku will do is influence the kind of music produced in 2018, as the dance flows better with a specific type of sound-  a distinct bass-heavy, distorted beat, and Kaffy can’t agree more.

“Because Nigerians love to dance, many musicians create songs that people can dance to, and even an accompanying dance step. Dance helps blow the song, because it adds to its longevity, that is why musicians are beginning to associate songs with dance steps” she said.

Go and learn Shaku Shaku, you might just impress that crush of yours.