The Oyo state governorship election in 2019 will be a battle of the young and rich.

Just about the time APC handed its ticket to former CBN Deputy governor, Adebayo Adelabu, their major rival, the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) has picked Mr Seyi Makinde.

Makinde was declared winner of the primary election held on Sunday, September 30 at Liberty Stadium in Ibadan after a peaceful process that saw him score 2,772 votes to beat his closest rival Ayoade Adeseun who managed to get 21 votes at the election.

Bounce News witnessed the battle between Makinde and Adeseun who was absent at the election.

Several calls were made to him without any response, but the election went ahead without any disruption.

In a chat with the media, Sen. Adeseun said that the delegate list had been manipulated as names of delegates were not on the list of voters and he was not happy with events.

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"The delegate list has been tampered with and several names are missing from the list and replaced with other names. I wonder where the names came from.

"Even my local government, 56 names were removed and replaced with names we don't know. We wrote to the national chairman, but nothing was done about it.

"The list was brought in from Abuja and it cannot be tampered with," he said

These were the words of Seyi Makinde after his victory.

"When you are victorious at any juncture of your earthly enterprise, the natural reaction is joy and happiness.

“For me, victory at our party's gubernatorial primary today is bitter sweet as it provokes in me a deep sense of sobriety.

"Bitter because we know the daunting and challenging work ahead of all of us when by his Grace ,we win the Governorship election next year.

"And sweet because with all sense of humility, I know that we are capable of walking the talk," he said.