So much has been said about Oprah Winfery’s speech at the Golden Globe Awards and how she went hard on men who oppress women.

We all, male and female, hailed her for challenging all women to speak out against sexual harassment.

Time is up for sexual bullies, she said, and that speech has put a former OAU lecturer in trouble.

Dr Funke Dezarn is s US-based medical doctor who graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2010. She has heeded the call on women to break the silence.

She took to social media to share an emotional outburst about her experience in the hands of a lecturer back in school, one “Dr.Med.Dr” Francis Andy Fakoya of Anatomy Department OAU Ife-Ife, Nigeria.

She accused of him of failing her twice because she refused his demands for sex.

“I remember your words to me both times, a day before both exams, ‘Agree to sleep with me or you fail and resit the exam’.

“Wherever you are tonight (St George’s University, Medical School, Caribbean Island), for all the lives you affected negatively, time’s up,” she wrote on Facebook.

Bounce News contacted some of her classmates when she was in OAU who confirmed that she indeed had those re-sits in Anatomy.

One of them is a Lagos-based medical doctor who pleaded anonymity. She said: “There had always been rumors of such while in school"

Asked if she ever got similar advances from the same Dr. Francis Andy Fakoya, she said, “He never approached me, maybe I was just lucky or because I never had one on one contact with him.

“Dr Funke Dezarn was the assistant class rep in her set, so she had cause to liase with lecturers on behalf of the class

“We always knew some of these things were going on, but no one was willing to come out and speak.

“It has been a long time now and I honestly salute Funke’s courage. It must have been traumatic and depressing.”

A statement by the Medical Students Association in OAU has now confirmed that a thorough investigation has commenced at the St George’s University, Medical School, Caribbean Island where Dr. Fakoya now works.

The Obafemi Awolowo University authorities have also indicated readiness to cooperate with the St. George’s University in their investigation.

The OAU, in a statement signed by its Public Relations Officer, Abiodun Olarewaju, on Monday described the allegation against Fakoya as ‘grievous’.


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