Few days ago, the big bang that many have been waiting for happened in BBNaija when Nina and Miracle did the 'under the duvet' thing - they had sex.

Reactions have since followed the act, even though all we saw was movement within Miracle's waist region.

Whether real or not, there are certain conditions that are present in the BBNaija House that make the chances of housemates having sex (almost) certain.


Here are two of such sociologically proven conditions:

1.    Situational sexual behaviour is a kind of sexual behaviour that a person normally exhibits due to a social environment that in some way permits, encourages, or compels the (sexual) behaviour in question to happen.

Jade Aguilar in a study on situational sexual behaviour said circumstances could shape sexual behaviour.

For three weeks now, the housemates have been together and because the social environment does not prohibit them from having or building a relationship, the tendencies of having feelings and cravings for sexual intimacy develop after consciously or unconsciously looking at each others features.

In the BBNaija House, few days to when Nina and Miracle had sex, the social environment was heated up for such situational sexual behaviour, with the pairing of housemates.

The pairing truly worked magic, with the first being a kiss that lasted for minutes between CeeC and Tobi. It appears they are letting loose and coming out of their shells to show their real selves. 

2.     Another theory or law that gives a backing to such situation arises after exposure to each other is the Law of Classical Conditioning in sociology.

Being together in a place, a man and a lady, who are not blood related, are likely to go down to explore each other and engage in sexual acts. 

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Even though this principle is a basic law of learning, it highlights that when a neutral stimulus is paired with another stimulus that naturally elicits a certain response, coupling could potentially happen. Pairing people within few days of meeting and sharing bed space could have also triggered sexual behaviours.  

This is quite evident in what we have seen in the situational sexual behaviour exhibited by Nina and Miracle.