It is really getting out of hand.

Sex robots have increased their market share and will be ready for female competitors in 2019.

Apart from offering sex and holding conversations, by 2019, sex robots that can cook and keep the home clean efficiently will be made available to the public.

In recent months, sex robots have become a hot topic. They has received both criticism and praise.

While some people complain about the negative effects sex robots will have on sex life, others say they will choose sex robots over actual people.

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One of the arguments against  sex robots has been that they cannot cook and clean, unfortunately for these 'haters', cleaning and cooking sex robots are here.

Bounce News spoke to Clinical Psychologist, Toyin Alatise-Abimbola, on how these 'complete' sex robots, will affect the relationships between men and women.

"Creators of these sex robots are creating something that would give you full control.

"If it has to do with opposite sex there will be differences in ideas and perceptions, for sex doll it is your property, that you can manipulate and use.

"It has a switch you can power it off and on, its not like a human being that you cannot control so easily. The disadvantages of sex dolls are more", she said.

She pointed out that the only thing that a sex doll achieves is reliving sexual urges, after that sex dolls have more 'wahala'.

"One downside  is that a sex doll will only increase the aggressiveness of a masochist, who likes rough sexual intercourse, and it also objectifies women" she said.

She pointed out, that even with the cooking and cleaning being added to fit the desire of the buyer, when things are too agreeable and too predictable, like the sex doll, it becomes boring.

"What if they get viruses that makes it rebellious, the ability to control the sex doll is what humans like, so being rebellious means it has failed. Also some parts could be cancerous. The truth is that it encourages loneliness, which leads to depression.

"For people who have social anxiety, they rely on these sex dolls too much and this can lead to the person feeling lonely and then depressed".