It took them nothing less than a week to dig through, tunneling under prison guards just to have a taste of freedom again.

Three locals and 4 foreigners are believed to have escaped through the 40-foot tunnel into the main street in the resort island of Bali in Indonesia.

A hunt has been launched to find the convicts; one of whom has 2-and-a-half months left to complete his jail term.

"Officers and officials are on the move," said Bali Prison Chief Surung Pasaribu.

"All authorities have arrived to coordinate in order to apprehend the inmates."

The four foreigners on the run were serving sentences for a variety of crimes.

Among them is an Australian who was serving a one-year sentence for breaking immigration rules and only had two-and-a-half months left to serve.

Breakout attempts are fairly common in Indonesia's overcrowded prisons.

Just last month, 350 inmates fled a jail on Sumatra Island.