Law enforcement can get weird, even animals can’t escape it.

On Tuesday, New York City police wrangled a cow on the loose in a Brooklyn park after the animal became a spectacle for tourists and New Yorkers.

It was spotted roaming the streets and enjoying the park's facilities.

The bemused bovine and camera-wielding humans stared at each other through a chain-link fence for several minutes, according to live news video.

At other times the animal wandered curiously around the 526-acre (212-acre) Prospect Park, the largest in the borough of Brooklyn, and the artificial turf field normally used for human sporting events.

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Officers used soccer goals to fence the animal in on a baseball diamond, but the cow barreled through one of the nets, knocking down a police officer.

Police eventually trapped the cow between two vehicles parked on either side of baseball field’s bench area after an officer appeared to fire a tranquilizer dart at it.

Officers then seemed content to let the cow roam between cars, waiting for the drug to take effect before they could rope the beast and load it into an NYPD horse trailer.

It was not clear where the beast came from or how it got lost. Police said they would turn it over to the animal control department.

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