When top leaders of a political party do not agree on issues like candidacy ahead of an election, it is considered crisis for the party.

This is because loyalists of those leaders also begin to disagree, and we start to see things like parallel meetings, parallel excos and the other regulars.

The signs are beginning to emerge in the Rivers state APC but one of their leaders, Sen. Andrew Uchendu, says there is no crisis.

Is he living in denial? The Rivers East senator said in an interview that the pursuit of interest by members of the party could not constitute a crisis for the party in Rivers.

“It is when there are factions in the political structure of the party that you will say we have a crisis.

“But as we speak, the entire structures of the party from the state to the wards are intact,” he said.

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Is the unhealthy rivalry being displayed in the battle for the next APC governorship ticket not a sign of possible crisis?

Uchendu said: “Sen. Magnus Abe, my friend has a gubernatorial ambition, for crying out loud that is his constitutional right.

“He is free to pursue his ambition, but he shouldn’t see it that if I don’t support him it implies that there is crisis in the party; he should go on with his ambition.

“Yes, some us felt he was starting too early and heating-up the polity which pursuing personal agenda normally generates but now is this is the right time? I wish him luck.

“It will be wrong for anybody to imagine or say that because Mr A, B or C is not supporting his or her ambition, therefore there is crisis in the party.”

And a so-called “APC stakeholders meeting” recently held in the state?

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The federal lawmaker described the meeting as a convergence of Sen. Abe’s supporters.

He said that his colleague Sen. Abe, could not say that the meeting he had with his supporters was an expanded Rivers APC meeting.

“If he said that, I’m sure he might not have told himself the truth or there is disagreement among his supporters that he wants to resolve.

“But he cannot call that APC stakeholders meeting, he is my colleague, I respect him a lot and he knows that, that English he used is wrong,” the Senator said.

Who really has the authority to call an “expanded Rivers APC meeting”?