Have you ever been to the airport for a scheduled flight and you were told; “sorry, your flight has been cancelled due to bad weather”?

This is becoming a common occurrence in Nigeria especially during Harmattan.

With a simple apology flights are easily canceled or rescheduled, with passengers left to look for alternative means to get to their destinations.

Some disappointed passengers have had to resort to taking 'night buses' to meet scheduled appointments. They are usually kept awake by the pot-holes on the bad roads and fear of attacks by gunmen.

Senate discuss flight cancelation

On Tuesday, this development became an issue 'worthy' of debate at the Senate.

Senator Barau Jibrin had drawn the attention of the lawmakers to the fact that flights have been diverted to neighbouring countries because they have better facilities.

This statement to a large extent exonerates airlines, but whips up concerns about the condition of facilities in Nigerian airports.

He pointed out that airlines sometimes operate under zero visibility endangering the crew and passengers.

The lawmakers asked the Senate Committee on Aviation to conduct an immediate audit of facilities in all airports across the country.

They, however, advised Airlines to be wary of penalties which follow disregard for stipulated regulations.