Maikanti Baru has a question to answer.

An oil mining licence has been awarded under his watch without following due process.

Baru would have to answer some questions from lawmakers in the upper chamber of Nigeria’s parliament to account for what transpired.

Lawmakers said the oil mining licence was withdrawn from a private-sector producer and handed to a state firm without due process.

The head of the Senate’s committee on ethics, privileges and public petitions said licence OML 13, which belonged to Shell, was revoked and then awarded to the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) “through an executive fiat” between February and March 2016.

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The awarding of the contract did not go through the usual open tender or advertisement, he said.

“We have therefore summoned the group managing director Of NNPC and the managing director of Shell to appear before this committee and explain the circumstances behind the revocation and re-award of OML 13 without due process,” Senator Samuel Anyanwu said.

A spokesman for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the NPDC’s parent company did not respond to phone calls and text messages requesting comment.

A Shell spokesman declined to comment.

Anyanwu said the commission intended “to compel the Senate to use its position to cause a full-scale inquiry”.

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