The Senate has directed the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris to provide adequate security for a former governor of Kano State and Senator representing Kano Central, Rabiu Kwankwaso.

The State Police Commissioner, Rabiu Yusuf, had last week cautioned Kwankwaso from going home for a political rally scheduled for last Tuesday.

That same date was fixed for a rally organised by the APC with the backing of the state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje.

Kwankwaso later cancelled his visit in the interest of peace.

The Senate's directive was contained in instructions to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Senator Abu Ibrahim, by Senate President Bukola Saraki following a debate on the matter.

“Summon the IG, and he must provide security for our senator to visit his constituency. It is not right that a senator cannot visit his constituency,” Saraki ruled.

The decisions of the Senate followed some drama at the upper chamber, when some lawmakers berated Senator Isa Misau (Bauchi APC) for bringing the matter of Kano State to the floor of the Senate.

Misau, raising a point of order, said the situation in Kano which caused a serving senator to cancel his visit on advice of the police, is not good for democracy.

He alleged that insecurity in Kano caused by thugs known as ‘Yan-Daba’ is becoming alarming, particularly when considering that it was a similar group in Borno State, named ‘ECOMOG’ that metamorphosed into Boko Haram.

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At a political rally which was held in Kano last Tuesday, members of the ‘Yan-Daba’ openly carried weapons in the full glare of officials of the state government and security agencies, Misau alleged.

The rally was organised to sensitise the people and canvass for votes for the upcoming local government elections in the state.

“Even women were carrying weapons, for the first time in history,” he said, and brandished pictures bearing the images of his allegation.

In his argument, Misau hinged his concern for the ongoing development in the state on the premise that his constituency in Bauchi Central shares 70 per cent of its boundaries with Kano.

“Kano is close to my constituency, and a situation where people are handling arms openly is dangerous,” he added.

He also urged the Senate to condemn the open display of arms at the rally by non-security personnel, and order an investigation into the circumstances.

Misau was however vehemently opposed by two other senators from Kano who said he had no business bringing the matter of another state to the senate.

Senator Kabiru Gaya (Kano APC) recalled that Ganduje and Kwankwaso were very good friends before they fell out due to issues that are being resolved.

“So it is a family matter, and it is not something we can discuss here,” he said.

Gaya added that while Kano State politics has always been different and politically volatile, the people are peace loving, and there have been no political crises in the state in several years.

“Even at the rally we had yesterday (Tuesday), and the one (held) last week, there were no fights and nobody was hurt,” Gaya said.

Senator Jibrin Barau was however more vehement in his opposition to Misau position, and urged the Senate not to wade into the matter.

“I am worried because I know the effort you (Saraki) put to unite us here, and to work as brothers. What Isa Hamman Misau has started here would not augur well for us in the Senate. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has never brought their crises in their states here,” he argued.

He described the hostility between Kwankwaso and Ganduje as ‘backyard squabble’ which is normal between politicians.

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Barau explained that the people carrying weapons at the rally are local hunters and women who are part of the political structure of the state.

“Misau knows this but he is spreading falsehoods, and bringing stories that undermine our political structure. This is not fair, so you (Saraki) need to call him to order.

“We need to stop this trend, otherwise Marafa (Senator Kabiru Marafa, Zamfara APC) would bring his issues with his governor here, and Misau would bring his issues with his Governor here,” an obviously incensed Barau added.

Misau made to protest by raising another point of order, prompting Barau to point fingers at him and retorted “or do you not have issues with your governor?” Barau asked.

Kwankwaso rose to speak on the matter, saying: “I believe as a leader, I don’t want to say anything.”

Saraki said the crises can still be addressed at the state level, as it is still a ‘family matter’.

He also ruled to stand down the prayers of the motion to allow the party at the state level attempt to mediate between both men.

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