The Nigerian Senate on Thursday made a crucial move to strengthen Nigeria's education system.

A lawmaker, Senator Suleiman Adokwe, had presented a bill for an Act to Amend Compulsory, Free, Universal Basic Education Act of 2004 to Enforce Quality, Compulsory Mandatory and free Education up to Senior Secondary 3.

He told other lawmakers that it was an intervention that they needed to make.

Contributing to the deliberation, Senator Rose Oko said: "We must intervene on the condition of infrastructure and social welfare.

"We should intervene on all levels of Education to improve the overall quality”.

Senator Jonah Jang also pointed out that Nigeria could have quality education from primary, but stressed that achieving that would be an outcome of the quality of infrastructure in institutions.

"We should bring back a teacher training college, to get a basic teaching ability,” he stressed.

After talks on the bill, the Deputy Senate President referred the document to the Committee on Basic Education.

He requested that they should consider the bill and report back in 4 weeks.

Nigeria’s education standard has been on the decline, with experts warning of negative impacts on the nation's future.

Nigeria still allocates less than 10 per cent of its budget to the education sector, a situation that has triggered protests and regular faceoff between the government and unions